About Trade by Trade

Who are we?

Trade by Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that features more than 60 different cryptocurrencies including the well-known bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and promising new currencies, such as TCoin TCN.

Our Services are owned and controlled by Trade By Trade Ltd., a Vanuatu IBC (Trade By Trade) with Dealers in Securities License #40198. The platform follows the European Data Protection Procedures.

We aim to provide the best cryptocurrency exchange experience, offering innovative tools to our customers so they can trade better and be able to get the most of their investment.

About Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency has unique features that make them so attractive. First, because you can use them all over the world. Then because buyers and sellers can, most of the time, stay anonymous when doing the transactions; and, also, because they can be used, as any other coin, to buy products and services quickly and efficiently. Since they are not regulated by any central bank, the power around them is decentralized.

Given those features more and more people are using cryptocurrency, and some big companies are starting to accept it too, which makes investments on it very attractive.


How do we provide a great service?

When building the platform, we wanted to do something amazing
with the user experience in the center of our thoughts:

• In Trade by Trade you can exchange more than 60 cryptocurrencies
• You can do multiple buy and sell orders at the same time
• You have all the main features you need to trade well
– Margin
– Instant buy
– Conditional buy (exclusive on Trade by Trade)


Ready for great trading?

Register and start to do wiser exchange. Find the great trading
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