How to become an Affiliate

The Importance of a Sponsor in the Affiliate Program!

A sponsor is essential in Trade-by-Trade affiliate system. Having a sponsor allows you to have access to more levels of commission. For example: with a sponsor you are enabled up to ten levels of commission which allows you to earn more money; whilst without a sponsor you are only qualified at a commission level. Another advantage is access to bonus. You can apply these bonuses to be available for card purchases and on Bet by Bet.

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How to become an Affiliate


  • Login in Trade by Trade exchange platform.

Image 1: Fill the login fields

  • Select “My Referrals” in the top of the page

Image 2: “Exchange” screen

  • Write the link of the person you want to be your sponsor

Image 3: Choose sponsor screen

  • If you want to change sponsor, put the email of the new person

Image 4: Change sponsor screen

  • If you want to share your link, you can do in your social network

Image 5: Social network share

  • If you prefer, you can invite your friends by email

Image 6: Email share