Trading Bots Explained

Trading Bots – Trade with Robots

Trade by Trade provides trading robots that the user can customize. There are several solutions provided according to the user customization.


Long and Short Robot types

We offer you 2 major robot types: Long and Short. Our robots have independent wallets for safety and, for short operations, we offer a margin option with a leverage of 2.5.

How many robots the platform has?

The platform starts with 32 robots with different combinations.


When can I stop the robots?

In Trade by Trade, when using a robot, you can stop them at any moment you want to.


Which parameters can I set when using robots?

The user is able to set the robot parameters including: critical line, pair and timeframes, in which the robots will buy or sell the cryptocurrencies. The robots also have stop limits, in order to do risk optimization!

With all these functionalities you have total control of your operations!